Dear Valued Residents and Partners of Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel,

In line with our mission to create an inspiring, productive, and eco-friendly space for living and working, Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel always strives to introduce green practices into our operations. We do hope that they will lead to greater awareness and therefore habits amongst individuals and collectives who choose to be with us.

Ever since our inception and across our establishment, green practice remains one of our core values. In our operations to date, it is always your kind understanding and cooperation that we deeply acknowledge and embrace. 

Please find below our humble submissions, to help minimize the negative impacts upon the environment, for your kind consideration and adoption: 


Actively adopt the 4R Principle: Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Recycle.

Consider using natural materials: bamboo, fishpole bamboo, wood, natural fibers, organic cleaning products. Additionally, we suggest alternative, less harmful products including biodegradable bags, cardboard or bagasse boxes. 

Here at Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel:

  • We provide single-use, eco-friendly (bamboo-made) amenities such as toothbrushes, combs, dining utensils to residents.
  • We utilize biodegradable garbage bags, HRK Group’s OK-compost products verified by TÜV Austria, to prevent microplastics in the environment.
  • We are equipped with organic shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer made from organic natural ingredients from An An Herb Company and La May ecological forest garden.
  • Beddings: we use materials made of lyocell (cellulose fiber) in our rooms.
  • Staff uniform: we choose either linen-rayon or cotton-rayon blend as primary material. (Rayon, also known as viscose, is an industrially chemicalized filament compound made from wood pulp, which, upon being washed, will not generate environmentally unfriendly microplastics).
  • At present, we keep looking for new suppliers of recycled fabrics while trying our best to minimize the negative impacts caused to the environment.
  • Switch to reusable bags to reduce use of plastic bags when shopping.
  • Limit use of single-use plastics such as eating utensils like chopsticks, spoons, or forks, bottles, glasses, boxes, and straws.
  • Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel offers to our residents eco-friendly gift items, to introduce more creative and sustainable concepts.


  • Recycle used items, transforming them with new functions and a new life.
  • Implement maximum use of recycled papers and materials.
  • With organic waste, we recycle it into Bokashi fertilizer and use it for trees in the building premises.
  • Adopt paperless policy, reduce printing.


  • We collect used batteries, defective and broken metallic electronics, then deliver them to dedicated collection points.
  • We partner with Ve Chai Chu Hoa (VECA) in responsible recycling, through 4 classified categories: Paper – Plastic – Metal – Organic Waste.
  • As for Paper and Plastics, after being sorted, they will be transported to operating Recyclers near HCMC.


  • Optimize natural light in the building’s main spaces including apartments, offices and event spaces.
  • Reduce waste and promote efficient water usage.
  • Every guestroom is equipped with double-layer glass doors for efficient soundproofing, heat insulation and noise prevention.
  • The building adopts a solar water heating system, to optimize the use of clean energy.
  • Employ a wastewater treatment system using microbiological technology in compliance with law’s provisions on wastewater treatment.

We hold our belief that every action taken today will leave a profound impact on the environment of the future. Your kind cooperation means a tremendous support to our “Green Practices” process as part of the core values, ones that Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel always strives to fulfill.

We sincerely wish you great health, peace and a fulfilled, relaxing stay with us!

Amanaki Saigon Boutique Hotel.